15-Minute Guidance Call

We offer a free 15-minute guidance call because we’re not the right fit for every business.  During this call we’ll cover the project you have in mind and the business outcomes you’re looking for.  After reviewing your situation, we’ll offer guidance on what steps you should take.  At the end of the call you will have a clearer plan on how to move your project forward and know if we can help. Plus, we guarantee that you won’t be pestered with annoying followup calls - we just want to see great businesses get the marketing they need to grow.

15-minutes • Free advice from an experienced marketing strategist

Marketing Strategy Session

If you wanted to drive from Los Angeles to New York you wouldn’t just start driving east would you?  Of course not - you would map out the route first.  In the same way, a Marketing Strategy Session is how we lay the foundation for any project.

We clarify your company’s message, write you an effective elevator pitch, and write the words that should be on the top of your homepage. From there, we’ll develop an execution plan to get from "Point A" to "Point B” the fastest and most cost-effective route that will produce a strong ROI for your business.

$5,000 • 6-hours • 4-page PDF strategy report delivered after session 

Website Builds

If you’re like most of our clients, your businesses' website is a pain. The design is old-school, feels cluttered, doesn’t look good on phones/tablets, and the web guy takes forever to make changes you need.  If you want a website that looks beautiful, impresses potential clients, and isn’t a pain-in-the-ass to update than you’re in the right place.  We do websites differently - we start by working with you to clarify your message and define your strategy so we can get rid of the clutter.  Then we execute the plan and create all of the content for you - we write the copy, take professional photos, shoot video, and design custom graphics. You talk to one person and the website gets built for you.  When we’re done, you will have a website that displays perfectly on any device, is SEO-optimized so Google ranks you favorably, and is easy to update. 

Most sites live in 4-8 weeks • Simple “we-do-everything” turnkey service

Video Production

You know video is a powerful tool for businesses to attract new customers and set the stage for great sales meetings.  But you don’t want a run-of-the-mill video with a bunch of interviews and cheesy stock music - you need a video that captures the bigger picture of what you’re doing, distinguishes you from your competitors, and resonates with customers so their more likely to buy.  While most agencies outsource their video work, we started as a video agency which means your going to get a video produced by our team that integrates seamlessly with the rest of your strategy.

Most videos created in 4-8 weeks • Done by our in-house production team

Logo & Brand Kit

First impressions are everything. We can help you design or update your visual identity to send the right message to customers.  During this process we will design or refine your logo, establish a color palette, and choose fonts grounded in your marketing strategy. At the end, you’ll receive a download link for your “Logo & Brand Kit" which includes a 1-page PDF style-guide summary, you logo in 4 sizes (+ alternate layouts for social media and printing), font files, and more.  Once you have your kit, keeping your branding cohesive across multiple mediums is simple and streamlined. 

Created in 2-4 weeks • One folder with all of your logo and branding assets