Do you secretly wince when someone wants to see your business' website?

Do you wish potential clients would just talk to you instead?

You know your website could be better.  But with an endless to-do list and managing your existing customers, redoing the website has been on the backburner.

You know it needs to get done at some point, especially because you’ve seen a few of your competitors websites and you’ve got to admit, they look pretty good.

Which begs the question, “Why is your competitor spending time and money on their website?”

Here’s why: The way the "word-of-mouth" referral works has changed. 

Before the Internet, a word-of-mouth reference was enough for someone to get in touch with you - it was a two step process.

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But now it’s a three step process. 

Today, customers will do “The Web Test” - they will check out your website to see if you're "legit".  

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Long before you ever get an email or call from a prospective customer, they go to your website to judge whether you’re trustworthy, experienced, and a professional.  And if you pass the test, you get an email or phone call from them.

But what happens if you fail the test?

You will never hear from this prospective customer and they will hire one of your competitors that does pass the test.  Even if what you offer is better than your competition, you get denied before you’ve even been given a chance. 

It doesn’t have to be this way. Picture this...

The next time someone asks about your website, you can’t wait to share the URL.  

You are actually proud to send people to it because you know it will make people more likely to do business with you.  

At your next presentation, you open it by playing a video you know is going to impress the room and set the stage for a great meeting.

You check your email and someone has actually used your contact form because you passed the “web-check” with flying colors.

That’s what we can help you do. 

We help our clients make a damn good impression, pass "The Web Check", and get more referral clients. 

The years have shown us the clients we produce best results for tend have the following things in common:

  • Businesses with 5-200 employees

  • Want to collaborate and develop a plan with guidance from an experienced team

  • Open to new ideas and want fresh thinking

  • Desire a strong and professional brand for their business

We usually aren’t a great fit for:

  • Early-stage startups or projects subject to review by a large committee

  • Businesses who already have a clear plan and just need someone to “build it”

  • Already have a creative team they are happy with


We’re a full service digital agency

That means you talk to one person on our team and we take care of rest - none of your time wasted being the middle man coordinating mutiple vendors:

- Our Services -

  • Video production

    • Scriptwriting

    • Animation

    • Promo videos

  • Web design

    • SEO

    • Mobile websites

    • E-commerce sites

  • Graphic design

    • Logo & branding

    • Flyers & handouts

    • Programs


Don’t miss another customer.

Fixing your website is probably easier than you think.  Book a free 1-hour Marketing Evaluation call where we’ll answer any questions you have and discuss what you could do to help increase revenue. And no, we're not going to pester you with followup calls.

So take the first step and schedule a call right now.


Will this actually make a difference for my business? Do people actually do "The Web Test"?

Let me ask you this. What are you doing on our site right now?  You are on our website trying to evaluate if we are trustworthy enough to pursue working with.  So the answer is yes, people actually do "The Web Test" and I hope we're doing a pretty good job of passing it with you.