How do your grow your conference without
paying high fees for advertising?

If you're like most event professionals we know, registrations are a pretty big deal.

The conference you're planning likely has high fixed costs to secure a location and book presenters. A lot rides on getting a significant number of people to show up and put their butt in a seat. While your probably expected to operate at a loss the first few years, eventually you need to break even - or better yet turn a profit.

You can't keep operating with your current margins - growth is a must.

To fix this you've probably considered a few options

  • Adding sponsors the event (but risk losing the exposure your brand is getting)
  • Buying ad space (but spending more money on something untested feels risky)
  • Cutting costs (but you worry the quality of your event will struggle)
  • Stop holding the event altogether (which means nobody wins)

None of these options is ideal.

If you have a list of email subscribers, you have another option.

When you pay for advertising, you pay for ears. You're paying to get people to listen to what you have to say about your event. But if you have an email list, you already have ears! It's a crowd of people who've already said they like your organization and what it has to offer.

So what if instead of paying for new ears, you simply changed what you were saying to the ones that were already listening?

So how do you decide what to say? What should you do differently to increase your registrations?